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you are a j.e.m

Has Jesus Saved You and the J.E.M within is Encouraging you to share your Color Me Happy Story?

Giving Hope- the Joyful Expectation of Good to those whom are struggling with the obstacles you have overcome....with this in mind...

We overcome them by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony- Revelation 12:11

​If you have been guided here from Sunshine- Gifts of Love Released Youtube Channel- For Sharing your Story you will receive a J.E.M Inner Child Scented Flower-coloring utensil with a bookmark scripture to meditate and color on to go along with the J.E.M guided Meditations...

Comment you got connected via Sunshine in message section of form. 

Fill out the form below- In Subject Line put: Color Me Happy Story- We will send 8 questions for you to answer as you video your Testimony- send in when finished.

​A Surprise Treasure (Trinity Designs earn $ through the U Creation) is Awaiting you upon completion...

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God does not call the Qualified,

he Qualifies the called*

- Christine Cane

With the Innocence-Purity of a child- bringing your inner child out is Satan's Worst Nightmare!

- Sunshine J.E.M

What does Color Me Happy- Healing Hearts do for me?

Much like an Oak Tree or House...

It has to be Firm to withstand any storm -

When it is securely built, by getting rid of- releasing all the dead, unwanted roots and/or damaged foundation (thoughts/emotions/behaviors of old self) 

We can bring in the New Creation- Yes, when you are born again- all things have passed and the new has come; however for some, it can be difficult to move into the transition from old to new; therefore an unhealthy cycle can be formed if the right formation is not applied; hence the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) having the J.E.M within work on the Beloved heART Formation for several years to bring this purpose within and out of the J.E.M to bring God's will from heaven to earth. 

Much a like a new born baby- new creation- The Miracle You are...even if you have been saved for several years and have gone back to your old ways...the start over process is not always easy, but it is Forever Worth it, when you start experiencing results- realizing Miracles happen everyday and The J.E.M Life can be your Future and Hope in creativity and blossoming yourself and other's is a True Gift within and out to be Cherished...

Much more on this Treasured Journey to come...this is only the beginnning*

A Fresh start and opportunity in this J.E.M Life.

 Your First Healing Heart's Session with your donation of $33 or more will go toward ProjectSave.1MoreLord- With your donation you will receive a Color Me Happy Gift...

Go to Color Me Happy Stories to get Inspired and  be Encouraged, Empowered, Equipped to help you overcome daily...

With this little reminder that goes a long way in the hearts of healing to bring out your inner child. (Color Me Happy Stories are being Updated- Stay Tuned)

Each session after will be the gift that keeps on giving with your Donation of $33 or more...

Sessions are required to go for 1 Hour Minimum; however the J.E.M within goes with the Holy Spirit's leading; therefore time is of the essence. 


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