To b*1

w/ Jesus

you are a j.e.m


Let us help You Navigate:

Look at this like a Treasure Hunt...

For the Beloved Treasures who

Embrace The T.J.E  Ride-

The Treasureful J.E.M Experience in Embarking on Love Adventures from the B*1LOVE BucketList...

- Will have the opportunity to Earn a Certificate with $133.00 towards a Life Worth Living Digital, Creative Career Path...

- Chosen from ProjectSave.1MoreLord a cause set up from Psalm 34:18 linking into Psalm 133 for Love, Unity and Purpose to occur with igniting Passion towards a Worthy, Sustained life

- With Honoring your efforts to B*1Love in sharing from your Experience from the # you choose to do that day

- We will Pray for each individual, hopefully all who come along this Journey will be chosen for the Psalm 133 Prize and You will be Embarking on another New Adventure on this Treasureful J.E.M Experience- Staying connected in this J.E.M Family with an Exciting Career Advancement!!!

- Below is your next marked Destination in this Journey