​Psalm 133 Prize entails $133 toward a creative career opportunity & SOOO MUCH MORE as described in the Key Activation Phases below in this Treasureful J.E.M Experience Ride…

****This God ordained guide was created to heal the broken hearted and save the crushed in Spirit, giving Value & Worth through Love and Unity- Chosen for such a time as this in this J.E.M Life Worth Living via The ProjectSave.1MoreLord Cause****

How it Works:

If you are doing this for someone, especially those whom need help via recovery- with a 90 day clean date have them fill out the form with putting Life Worth Living in the Subject Line and Answering…

The changes I have noticed within me and my surroundings have been.......?

Through prayer we will be able to know who's hearts are willing and ready, keeping this in mind… There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens- Ecclesiastes 3:1

Believe you were led here and this opportunity is for you?

Go through 7 days of the 21 day B*1LOVE BucketList so we know you are serious about this…

Click on the two buttons below describing your upcoming journey…


Here are the Doors of Opportunity in this Treasureful J.E.M Experience…

Key Activation Phase 1-

- J.E.M guided meditations via B*Loved heART Formation values @ $33/hr.- ***Getting Free from the inside out- see more @ Healing Hearts- Breakthrough Sessions via Color Me Happy!!!***

- Along with B*Sunshine- Gifts of Love Released Adult and Children’s Books- values @ $25 ****Shine Your Light & help your children do the same with expressions of Love brought in and released out- See more @ The B Books!!!****

- With the $133 once finishing the 21 day B*1LOVE BucketList ****Congrats, you are riding the Life Worth Living Adventure!!!****

Key Activation Phase 2-  On this particular Treasureful J.E.M Experience you are on to your next marked destination…

- In Trinity Designs we give you another opportunity to earn $ through tapped creative light from previous phase ****Giving you a Hope and Future from prophetic encounters via J.E.M guided meditations, providing a way to get you to the next phase****

- Step by Step Life Worth Living- G.F (Grow Financially) investment towards living a life you love with the one’s you love- ****Free from what keeps you from fully living***Price Varies, we invest in You…getting you started; therefore with your Try, we are the Umph to your Triumphant!!!

- B*Cause You’re Worth It- Devotion toward Promotion- values @ $25 to keep you Motivated, with the right motives in not looking back- saying bye, bye to the old you and experiencing all this Life Worth Living has to offer- See more @ The B Books!!!

Key Activation Phase 3-  You have come to the final ride, but not the end destination, as there are more Treasureful J.E.M Experiences being unlocked creatively via Holy Spirit led and fed…

- You will be entered into the Weekly GiveAways via playing along with B*Blessed Beloved J.E.M heART- Treasureful Activation Cards to Decree and Declare your path toward Success, walking into the Inheritances God has Promised- See more @ The B Books!!! (Coming Soon)

- J.E.M’s United- Belonging to this Group will Encourage you to be the Best Version of You, with an Opportunity to be chosen as J.E.M of the Month…with a Surprise to go with it!!!

- Treasureful J.E.M Box designed specifically to your Unique, one of a Kind self…given when sharing Your Testimony from this Life Worth Living Adventure-

****We overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our Testimony-Revelation 12:11****



****We are not receiving any new 7 day Attendees at this time; we are at this time receiving applicants to participate via ProjectSave.1MoreLord (fill out form) …while waiting, these are Open to Explore in 3 lines above:

-  B*1LOVE Gifts (New Arrivals coming soon)

- The B Books (B*Blessed coming soon)

-Color Me Happy-Healing Hearts- Breakthrough Sessions

- Step by Step Investment strategies- click on button below


To b*1

w/ Jesus

you are a j.e.m