To b*1

w/ Jesus

you are a j.e.m

****Turn Your Pain Into Profit****

What Is Your Story?

At this Time we are accepting Art in any form- as long as there is a Story attached to your Creative work that has helped or is helping you get through your trying time.

Fill out Form below - with attached art and story and we will get a hold of you with further details regarding Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit) Designs Portfolio. 

We respect your work; therefore all rights reserved in your creations with this agreement -

Allowing us to advertise your work for offers to be presented to you- 10% of what is made from each offer will be given to ProjectSave.1MoreLord Cause to pay it forward to help those whom are broken hearted and crushed in spirit - Psalm 34:18

(When considering each offer- keep this in mind...

Will the offer cover shipping cost?

Is there a way I can get my design to them?)

In working with Artist whom already have an online shop set up, makes for smoother arrangements in getting more of your Art work out there-

****We Achieve with Life Worth Living through Digital Marketing to get Designs Advertised with the Big Picture in Mind and Heart with bringing Heaven to Earth for God's will to be done****

To get your *Set Apart* unique Creativity and Beloved Story/Testimony out there for God to move- fill out the form below & Trinity Designs will be your Guiding Light.